Who is Bribing Your Doctors?

Who is Trying to Influence Your Organization?

Is Your Research Tarnished?

How Much Are Competitors Spending On Your Targets?

Protect Yourself with Open Payments Analytics


Is anyone within my organization accepting illicit payments? How are payers interacting with, or even influencing, my organization? Easily spot and monitor trends (such as large increases in spending) with Open Payments Analytics.


What are my competitors’ spending patterns? How are my competitors interacting with my target physicians? How much is spent on physicians of a certain specialty? Monitor all of the above and more with Open Payments Analytics.


How accurate is the information collected by my conflict of interest disclosures? Is my COI campaign missing anything? Check Open Payments to easily validate the completeness, correctness, and timeliness of reported information.

Search, Filter, Define Rules

Easily, flexibly, and powerfully pinpoint the exact data you need.

Interactive Visualizations

See comprehensive payment data and understand macro trends.


Open Payments data delivered uniquely for your organization.

Experience the Value of Open Payments Data

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Your COI process is creating unnecessary risk...

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