Managing employee training has never been simpler.

Osprey’s learning management system is a comprehensive solution to centralize and automate the administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of training programs. Ensure training is up to date and monitor results in real-time. Consolidate all training initiatives on a scalable, web-based platform. Use dashboards to visualize every aspect of learning management. Seamlessly integrate training with existing HR systems.

LearningManager Features

Easy to Use for the Participant
Trainings are easy to view and complete.
Automatic reminders ensure completion.

Easy to Use for the Organization
Training forms are easily configurable.
Quickly review responses and completion rates.
Customizable workflows simplify review.

Reduce Risk
Instant visibility into training completion.
Extensive activity tracking for audit trails.
Dashboard summary of compliance metrics.

Enterprise Integration.
HR system integration.
Single sign-on

Intelligent Dashboards
Interactive visualization.
Real-time, shareable reports.
Customize reports for your needs.

Secure Infrastructure
Operational facilities ISO 27001 certified.
Secured protocols for data transfer.
Servers with multiple layers of protection.

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