Protect Your

Simplify incident reporting and ensure complete
case  investigation with full transparency using
IncidentManager, the industries best solution for
reporters, investigators, and businesses.

Protect Your

Simplify incident reporting and ensure complete case investigation with complete transparency using CaseManager, the industries best solution for reporters, investigators, and businesses.

Encourage incident reporting and simplify case management.

  • Simplify the reporting and collection of incidents. 
  • Streamline investigation, documentation, and findings. 
  • Utilize insights and trends to catch problems before they occur.

Case Management

Automation frees your investigators to focus on the case.


  • Everything within one click – case notes, attachments, etc.
  • Timely escalations to maintain focus on critical steps.
  • Real time translation means your teams are never waiting.

Easy Incident Reporting

Configure questions and offer upload options to ensure you collect all information needed for any type of report.


  • Web-based, SMS, phone.
  • Secure and discreet follow-up with reporters.
  • Ability to report anonymously.

Configurable Workflow

Streamline case investigation and ensure process compliance by routing cases through a fully customized workflow.


  • Design incident, group, and task specific workflows.
  • Implement and ensure regulation compliant business processes.
  • Immediate insight into case status and progress.

Personalization and Control

Make the system work for you, not the other way around.


  • Users setup their experience to conform to their ways of working.
  • Administrators easily ensure that required steps are completed.
  • Powerful, configurable, and shareable dashboards and reports.

There’s only one issue with Osprey… the implementation is too smooth!

Deni Anderson



Clean User Experience

We take the time to understand how our users work, enabling us to design software experiences that simplify complex tasks.


Leading Customer Service

We understand the challenges you face, and we are here to help. Our customer service team is highly regarded for its dedication to delivering on the needs of each customer.


Customer Friendly Agreements

Our agreements are flexible, and simple. We believe in retaining customer loyalty through the quality of our software and services.

IncidentManager Features

Configurable WorkFlows™
Automate standard processes.
Dynamically route cases in real-time.
Record notes, create tasks, set reminders.
Secure record keeping.

Extensive Audit Protection
Drive 100% case resolution.
Get notified of incidents instantly.
Flexible and thorough case investigations.
All activities logged in support of audits.

Reduce Risk and Save Time
Provides central repository for all investigations.
Evidence, actions, messages stored with cases.
Automatically route cases to correct owners.
Eliminate cost of paper-based approach.

Intelligent Dashboards
Visually monitor all cases.
Track and measure progress.
Easy board reporting.
Fully customizable.

Enterprise Integration
HR system integration.
Single sign-on.
External feed interface.
Historic data import.

Multilingual and global.
For any size business.
For any industry.
Reliable cloud-based availability.

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