COI RiskManager™ is the industry leader in conflict of interest software, with the highest client satisfaction.


COI RiskManager™ is a powerful web-based solution that efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts, and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues for any size organization, across many industries. By using COI RiskManager™, organizations obtain the highest compliance levels from their users while fulfilling industry regulations through auditable best practices. COI RiskManager™ includes everything you need to get started quickly and execute your compliance campaigns successfully.


COI RiskManager Features


Easy to Use for the Participant
Disclosures are easy to fill out and update.
Responses carry over from last submission.

Easy to Use for the Organization
Automatic flagging and reminders.
Configurable workflows and disclosures.

Reduce Risk
Dashboard summary of compliance metrics.
Complete audit trails and instant visibility.

Enterprise Integration
HR or external feeds, Single Sign-On and more.
Open Payments interface with reporting.
Import historic data.

Conflict Resolution
Create and review cases to resolve conflicts.
Compile notes, upload documents in one place.

Reporting Capabilities
Interactive visualization and real-time reports.
Custom reports available for your needs.

Save Time and Increase Productivity
Better process eliminates labor intensive review.
Real-time reports on any data.

Secure Infrastructure
Multiple layers of physical and logical protection.
ISO 27001 certified facilities.
SCORM compliant.

Your COI process is creating unnecessary risk...

Learn more! Download an informational PDF about minimizing risk in your COI process.


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