Actionable Compliance™ welcomes you to data-driven compliance dashboards. 


Import data from any source into Actionable Compliance™ dashboards for a comprehensive visual representation of your compliance program.  Discover patterns, correlations and outliers in your data that lead to simpler, better informed decision-making.  Proactively anticipate compliance issues before they arise, and map an effective pathway to resolution. 


Actionable Compliance™ dashboards are a powerful tool, yet incredibly flexible—and can be implemented in just days.

Powered by Osprey Actionable Intelligence™


AC Actionable Compliance Features


Comprehensive Monitoring
Easy and comprehensive monitoring and management of your compliance program.

Connect to Any Data Source
Connect and analyze data efficiently, quickly and securely from any source, or multiple sources.

Proactively Pinpoint Issues
No need to sift through data to locate compliance issues; pinpoint issues on the fly, as they arise.

Discover Trends
Use visual data to uncover trends and discover problem areas in your compliance campaign.

Identify Root Causes
Viewing data from different perspectives enables you to identify the root causes of issues.

Personalize with Filters
Actionable Compliance allows for dynamic personalization of data and dashboards.

Quick Setup and Easy to Use
Intuitive, easy design and rapid setup ensure campaign results in a fraction of the time.

Secure Infrastructure
Multiple layers of physical and logical protection, and operational facilities ISO27001 certified.

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