Osprey Compliance Software Uniting with Steele Compliance

Brendan Walters, Osprey Compliance Software

August 1st 2019

We are thrilled to announce that today Osprey Compliance Software has joined forces with Steele Compliance Solutions. Steele is one of the largest providers of compliance solutions—having pioneered innovations and investments in due diligence, third party management, compliance training and risk monitoring.

What does this mean for our customers?

Osprey Compliance Software will remain dedicated to its industry-leading products, and to your success as one of our clients. However, we will now be able to offer you broader capabilities, as well. With the addition of Osprey to the Steele Compliance Platform you now have access to new market leading technologies, solutions, and investments in innovations. And with over 700 enterprise clients globally, you will gain access to our passionate client community sharing best practices and market trends.

These developments will truly be a win-win for each and every one of our clients, future clients, and the compliance software space as a whole.

Learn more about Steele Compliance here.

You may read the official press release here.

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