Osprey Launches Game Changing Solution for Open Payments Analytics

Simplify Open Payments

Getting the information you need from Open Payments can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Osprey utilizes healthcare industry expertise to continuously develop new ways to simplify and streamline interaction with Open Payments data.

Here is one point of frustration that we hear often from customers:

A physician may have multiple identities within Open Payments data, making it complex, frustrating, and time consuming to create an accurate view of one physician’s activity.

Osprey’s solution makes linking these identities simple. Data from linked identities are then combined into a single identity for easy viewing, reporting, and analysis.

Another question we hear often from customers is:

How can I view information about multiple physicians at the same time? For example, what if I want to view data on every physician within my organization?

Osprey’s solution takes care of this, as well. Our solution offers the ability for reviewers to generate a single report that shows all  transaction info for every physician working for an organization, in one place.

These new capabilities save serious time, and they make for a far simpler and more streamlined Open Payments experience.

Some other built-in capabilities include:

  • Easily obtain the listings from Open Payments when reviewing a disclosure.
  • Associate a user profile with an Open Payments’s Physician ID so that getting a disclosure is one click away.
  • Find an Open Payments Physician ID. Search based on name or address to find the correct physician.
  • Generate a transaction list for individual and linked physicians.

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