Say goodbye to your labor intensive manual process.


Why COI RiskManager™

Proven Globally
Dedicated Support Team
Reduce Risk and Cost
Secure – ISO Certified



User Friendly and Flexible
Quick, Fully Assisted Setup
Configurable Review Process
Jumpstart Package with Templates
Visibility into Compliance Rates and Conflicts



Smart Disclosures
Automatic Reminders
Reporting and Analytics
Case Management
Configurable Workflows

COI RiskManager™ is the industry leader in conflict of interest software, with the highest client satisfaction.

One conflict of interest software system to manage and automate COI disclosures, attestations, certifications, policies and compliance surveys for any industry.

COI RiskManager™ has everything you need to execute a successful COI campaign.

“With the solution fully implemented, I am confident that our COI process adheres to the industry-leading ethics standards for which Con Edison is known. We look forward to using the system in upcoming years and the value it adds to our compliance program, while mitigating risk and maximizing efficiency.”
Tricia Ryan

Project Specialist, Business Ethics & Compliance, Consolidated Edison, Inc.

COI RiskManager™ conflict of interest software is scalable, with proven effectiveness in organizations of all sizes; from small-scale enterprises to Fortune 100 companies.

Osprey Compliance Software products are deployed in…


Osprey Compliance Software products are deployed in…


Product Profile

COI RiskManager™ and its partner solutions are a powerful web-based conflict of interest software solution.  COI RiskManager™ efficiently captures disclosures, automatically identifies potential conflicts, and provides reviewer workflows to quickly mitigate issues. COI RiskManager™ has been proven to be effective for any size organization, across any industry. By using COI RiskManager™ organizations are ensured to obtain the highest compliance levels from their users, and while fulfill industry best practices. COI RiskManager™ includes everything you need to get started quickly and execute your compliance campaigns successfully.

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